Study night


Here I am in the library. And I’m not going to leave until the library closes or I finish my waterborne diseases project, whichever comes first.

I didn’t choose the nerd life, the nerd life chose me.

UPDATE: It’s now a torrential downpour out there. With lightning. And of course I biked here. Splendid.

Picture from Tumblr, of course, where else?


Why I love my PI

PI = Principal Investigator, i.e. my boss in the lab

We were discussing my project today.

PI: The reason your project went more slowly than other students’ was because you weren’t working with a grad student. The others were able to jump in and get to work, but since you started your project from scratch you had to do all the background work yourself.

Me: Yeah, I guess I started from the bottom.

PI: Started from the bottom, now you’re here! Well, almost. Once we re-run those failed samples…


Truth is: