Happiness: September edition

Things that make me happy at this very moment:

1. Wearing my hair in a bun. Hip, elegant and it takes 5.7 seconds to do.

2. Chocolate covered coffee beans. I got some from Bulk Barn last night – dark, milk, white and raspberry chocolate. Zzzziiiiiinnnnnng!

3. I saw Joel Plaskett last weekend at Supercrawl in Hamilton and he sang “Royals” (by Lorde). For a second I was super confused but then it was amazing.

2. At said Supercrawl, I also had the most delicious cupcakes with my friend K.

3. The campus is so beautiful right now, especially in late afternoon when the light falls long and golden.

4. One of my classes is fascinating and I get to research stuff that I would read about even if I didn’t have to.

5. I just got new boots that look like something Lisbeth Salander would wear. Even a UFC wrestler would file them under “Do Not Eff With” (Letterkenny Problems anyone? Anyone?).

6. I get to see the famjam this weekend

7. Next weekend I’m going in a race to benefit the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. It will be my first trail race!

Happy Friday everyone!


My sweater


I have this sweater that I love so much. Normally I never wear stuff with brand names because I figure I’ve already paid the company enough – no need for me to give them free advertising. But I didn’t buy this sweater, I adopted it.

Someone left it in my friend’s truck and he couldn’t find out who it belonged to for about a year. One time we were having a bonfire and I was chilly, so I borrowed it for the night.

After that I took it home and washed it and got in the habit of wearing it whenever I was off-duty. I’ve worn it down so it’s incredibly soft. I wear it whenever I’m just relaxing with people who don’t care what I look like. Wearing it reminds me of the smell of woodsmoke and camp coffee. Of lying on hot streets watching the stars. That feeling of clean exhaustion after spending a day at the beach. It’s full of good memories and it’s become a kind of talisman for me. I even like how it found its way to me by chance, like we were meant to be together. Sweater soulmates.


Remember that sleepover game? I feel like I’m living it right now – but thankfully in reverse.

Unfortunately, I got a really subpar mark on my Environmental Science midterm. Fortunately, I still was far above the class average of 58%.

Unfortunately, I tried to take out some money from an ATM and my card was declined. Fortunately, it was a problem with the Bank of Montreal’s system rather than my account.

Unfortunately, I was driving home from Ottawa this weekend and witnessed a big crash. The car in front of mine rear-ended the next and careened off into the guard rail. Both were badly crumpled up. Fortunately, no one was hurt and my car wasn’t involved.

Unfortunately, I arrived home to find that water from the shower was seeping through the floor and making the paint bubble from the walls.

Fortunately, I have food and warmth and safety. I was at a conference on refugee issues this Thursday to Saturday, and I’m realizing more how lucky I am. These things we take for granted, eh?

Good luck for the week to come!