Halloween’s a day late this year

So I meant to post this last night but it’s just as good tonight. Ideal for hangouts in a deserted cemetery at the crossroads. Stay spooky my friends.


Happiness: September edition

Things that make me happy at this very moment:

1. Wearing my hair in a bun. Hip, elegant and it takes 5.7 seconds to do.

2. Chocolate covered coffee beans. I got some from Bulk Barn last night – dark, milk, white and raspberry chocolate. Zzzziiiiiinnnnnng!

3. I saw Joel Plaskett last weekend at Supercrawl in Hamilton and he sang “Royals” (by Lorde). For a second I was super confused but then it was amazing.

2. At said Supercrawl, I also had the most delicious cupcakes with my friend K.

3. The campus is so beautiful right now, especially in late afternoon when the light falls long and golden.

4. One of my classes is fascinating and I get to research stuff that I would read about even if I didn’t have to.

5. I just got new boots that look like something Lisbeth Salander would wear. Even a UFC wrestler would file them under “Do Not Eff With” (Letterkenny Problems anyone? Anyone?).

6. I get to see the famjam this weekend

7. Next weekend I’m going in a race to benefit the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. It will be my first trail race!

Happy Friday everyone!

Why I love my PI

PI = Principal Investigator, i.e. my boss in the lab

We were discussing my project today.

PI: The reason your project went more slowly than other students’ was because you weren’t working with a grad student. The others were able to jump in and get to work, but since you started your project from scratch you had to do all the background work yourself.

Me: Yeah, I guess I started from the bottom.

PI: Started from the bottom, now you’re here! Well, almost. Once we re-run those failed samples…


Truth is: